The Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership (HVCAP)

The Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership is a charitable organisation supporting local people to carry out climate action, helping reduce carbon emissions in the Holme Valley and sharing the ultimate aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. This ambition requires a coordinated effort and to achieve it HVCAP are connecting with potential partners from all parts of the community including, voluntary groups, businesses, schools, faith groups and landowners. Together we can share information, help and support one another, source funding and deliver change.

What your gift could provide

As a charitable organisation we rely on donations as well as funding for support. To give you an idea of how your money is used:

  • £5 Provides an energy saving pack for a local family on low income

  • £10 is the cost of around 10 metres of native hedging plants

  • £100 Can buy a secure bike stand in a local community

To find out more details about donating to HVCAP click here

Our Aims…

  • Promote and Facilitate Climate Action in the Holme Valley Area
  • Raise funds for climate action projects
  • Showcase demonstrator projects as examples of what can be achieved
  • Deliver Community led change

Active Projects

Energy Audits for Local Community Buildings

In partnership with the Holme Valley Parish Council we are working with experts to find out how our community spaces can become more energy efficient.  When these audits are complete we will offer support to source funding for projects demonstrating the impact of retrofitting energy saving technology. 

Land Mapping

With support from Holme Valley Parish Council a project is underway to find out how land is currently managed so we can work with owners and partners to seek innovations and funding for the most sustainable options, balancing economic and environmental needs.

How can we help you?

If you have an idea or a project that can deliver carbon emission reductions but you need funding, expertise, or people, then the Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership can help.  We can support with funding searches and applications, point you in the direction of expert advice or link you up with partners to support your idea becoming a reality.

Contact 07536 982503 or

Support an existing project

If you’d like to support existing projects then we can put you in touch with the local organisations and groups working in areas including, Energy, Housing, Transport, and Waste. Contact or call 07536 982503

We are working with partners including Holme Valley Parish Council, EcoHolmes, River Holme Connections, Hepworth Primary School, Holmfirth Transition Town, and many more.

Together we can change the world!

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