Summary of our Actions up to June 2021

What has the Climate Emergency Action Plan Group done so far

Highlights of achievements since August 2020

Quarterly event to review activity

Five livestreaming events took place over five days in November 2020 to give an update to the Holme Valley on what the CEAP group has achieved so far.

On Facebook 1,998 people were reached so we successfully raised awareness of our cause.

Waste and resources

A water bottle refill fountain was installed in August 2020 in Holmfirth in the bus station opposite the post office

Cllr Paul Davies and Cllr Rachel Hogley and the water fountain appeared in the Holme Valley Review

Repair Café

Two sessions were achieved amongst the lockdowns in 2020 and the cafe was back up and running on 1st May 2021


A land mapping exercise is being run by Alison Morgan in partnership with many groups including Huddersfield University. They applied for and were awarded a grant by HVPC and Bright Green Community Trust (applied for through HVCAP) to complete this

Rob Noble – Green space officer for Kirklees is now supporting HVPC CEAP grouop along with Matt Taylor from the South Pennine facilitation group

People at Huddersfield University are working with us to complete the mapping project for a reduced fee combined with pro bono work

A food expert at Huddersfield University is also working with us in terms of land utilisation with potential to identify land for community growing


Energy Audits are underway for the Civic Hall and Honley library. The full audit is expected to be delivered by early July. The council will then review what can be done to make the buildings more climate friendly and reduce or offset their carbon emissions.

Home Energy Savings Booklet is currently being designed and is expected to be completed by June 30th. This will give householders in the Holme Valley an electronic brochure with hints and tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints whilst saving on their energy bills.


A transport working group has been formed of volunteers with interests in cycling, walking and electric vehicles.

Bike Racks – Potential sites for bike racks close to shops in Holmfirth, Honley and New Mill have been identified. Locations and photos have been sent to Rachel Seymour, the Active Travel Officer in Kirklees who has offered to help with identifying land owners and contacting Highways. Kirklees council to install bike racks throughout the Holme Valley to encourage people to cycle knowing they have somewhere safe to leave their bikes. The first bike rack is expected to be installed sometime in 2021 and will be supplied by PA Welding in Honley

A grant has been awarded by the Bright Green Community Trust, in partnership with Holmfirth WI Pratty Flowers, to support a campaign to promote active travel for short journeys. Planning is underway for the “If it’s not far, leave the car” campaign. The campaign hopes to be able to show people of the Holme Valley how much carbon emissions have been reduced by getting people of the Holme Valley to change their travel habits on shorter journeys. According to the department of transport the majority of journeys in 2017 were under 5 miles (67%) with 24% being under 1 mile so getting people to walk or cycle these shorter journeys will make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Streetside Electric Vehicle charging. A meeting has been held with Kirklees’ Operational Manager for Air Quality, Energy & Climate Change to discuss piloting kerbside charging in the Holme Valley. This is being managed by Matthew Tulley who’s first step is to identify a friendly street in Holmfirth. This will be a relatively long term project as it requires a lot of coordination with Kirklees Council.

Contact has been made with Holmfirth High School Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to discuss including environmental actions as part of the awards.

Youth Climate Emergency event

CEAP supported this event with the CEC working with Michelle Sharples who headed up the Youth Climate Emergency event to provide content for the website and input from our own event with existing content being modified for a younger audience.◦ HVPC was mentioned as a participant and is continuing to look for opportunities to reach a younger audience.


A new website is being developed to house useful content. Completion expected early July 2021


Using the footage from the quarterly event we produced smaller more impactful and shareable videos for social media. These can also be seen throughout the website and they are also available on the Holme Valley Climate Action YouTube Channel

Social Media

A Facebook page is up and running and the CEC updates as much as possible

along with other CEAP group members

A Twitter account has also been created

Stats of followers and likes etc. are very low (FB 38 likes and 131 followers and Twitter 58 followers) but this is unsurprising as there has not been any really big work carried out to boost this.

Once the new website is up and running with places for content to be housed we will begin campaigns to boost figures including the use of a proposed competition.


Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership (HVCAP) has been established to work closely with CEAP

River Holme Connections – continues clearing litter and planting trees and through our land use action Alison Morgan is looking for opportunities for us to help provide them by identifying tree planting sites

HoTT Edibles continues to grow local produce free to local people and again the Climate Emergency team are looking to work through the land use team to identify other areas of land for them to plant more accessible food.


The CEC completed a three-part course on how to connect with a wider audience and get people on board to help HVPC achieve its Carbon neutral goal.

The CEC will book a carbon literacy training course which will result in their having a carbon literacy certification at the end of it. This will also help to explain to the man in the street exactly what is being talked about when we say we are heading to be carbon neutral.

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