What we do for the Environment Community People

For a sustainable local economy, the challenge is to ensure sufficient local jobs and businesses to give the opportunity for residents to work locally in the Valley, instead of commuting for work within West Yorkshire and elsewhere, with all the carbon implications this brings.


We will:

Support Small Businesses

Support local small business opportunities in the growing green business sector

Expand Local Employment

Seek to expand local employment and training opportunities as a means of reducing levels of commuting and to encourage young people to stay in the local area.

Support Local Servicees

Support local service businesses in the vibrant tourism/entertainment/dining sector

Promote Better IT Services

Promote better IT and Broadband services in the Valley for home workers

Encourage Local Working

Encourage setting up business hubs for local working, with start-up offices, workshops and studios with hot-desking and commercial services facilities

Support Community-Led Businesses

Support the establishment of community-led businesses, such as co-operatives, community benefit societies etc, which are supported by their local community and providing local services.

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